Abstract submission will open December 1, 2022 and close January 18, 2023 at 17:00 E.T. (U.S.). Please note that this deadline is earlier than previous years in order to accommodate the early meeting dates.


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Important Dates

  • December 1, 2022: Abstract Submission Opens

  • January 18, 2023 at 17:00 ET (U.S.): Abstract Submission Closes

Main Topics

  • Arterial Thromboembolism

  • Coagulation & Natural Anticoagulants


  • Diagnostics and OMICs

  • Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis

  • Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders

  • Hemostatic Systems in Cancer, Inflammation and Immunity

  • Immunothrombosis

  • Pediatrics

  • Platelet Disorders, von Willebrand Disease and Thrombotic Microangiopathies

  • Platelets and Megakaryocytes 

  • Vascular Biology

  • Venous Thromboembolism

  • Women’s Health


The content of the abstract must be related to one of the topics listed below. To ensure smooth scoring of papers, the topic of your work must be selected during the submission process.

Arterial Thromboembolism

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes

  • Atherosclerosis

  • Atrial Fibrillation

  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors

  • Cerebrovascular Disorders

  • Peripheral Artery Disease

Coagulation and Natural Anticoagulants

  • Animal Models in Thrombosis and Hemostasis

  • Coagulation Factors and Inhibitors

  • Contact Pathway

  • Critical Care and Perioperative


  • Hemostasis and Organ Dysfunction

  • Microparticles

  • Protein C Pathway

  • Regulation of Coagulation

  • Tissue Factor Pathway


  • COVID, Basic Science

  • COVID, Clinical

Diagnostics and OMICs

  • Biomarkers of Thrombosis and Hemostasis

  • Blood Components and Management

  • Cellular Therapies

  • Epigenetics, OMICs and Bioinformatics

  • Laboratory Diagnostics

  • Nanotechnology and Novel Biomolecules

Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis

  • Fibrinogen and Factor XIII

  • Fibrinolytic Factors and Inhibitors

  • Plasminogen Activation in the CNS and Immunity

  • Thrombolytic Therapy

Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders

  • Acquired Hemorrhagic Coagulation Disorders

  • Coagulopathy of Major Bleeding (Trauma, PPH, Vascular/surgical, ECMO, GI bleeding, etc.)

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

  • Hemophilia - Basic

  • Hemophilia - Clinical

  • Hemophilia Gene Therapy

  • Management of Bleeding and Trauma

  • Management/Treatments of Acquired Bleeding

  • Novel Biotherapeutics in Hemophilia

  • Novel Therapies in the Management of Acquired Bleeding

  • Rare Bleeding Disorders

Hemostatic System in Cancer, Inflammation and Immunity

  • Coagulation Proteins Beyond Hemostasis

  • Complement and Hemostatic System

  • Infection and Hemostatic Factors

  • Platelets and Cancer

  • Platelets and Infection

  • Platelets and Inflammation

  • Proteases and Cancer


  • Autoimmunity and Thrombosis

  • Clonal Hematopoiesis in Thrombosis

  • Complement and Fibrin in Thromboinflammation

  • Host-Defense Thromboinflammation

  • Immunothrombosis / Thromboinflammation

  • Innate Immune Processes in Thrombosis

  • Platelets in Inflammation

Nurses and Allied Health

  • Nurses and Allied Health


  • Bleeding in Neonates and Children

  • Thrombosis in Neonates and Children

Platelet Disorders, von Willebrand Disease and Thrombotic Microangiopathies

  • Acquired Thrombocytopenias

  • ADAMTS13 and TTP

  • Antiplatelet Therapy

  • HIT

  • HUS

  • Inherited Thrombocytopenias

  • Non HUS/TTP Microangiopathies

  • Platelet Antagonists and Novel Therapeutics

  • Platelet Function Disorders, Acquired

  • Platelet Function Disorders, Hereditary

  • von Willebrand Factor Biology

  • VWF and von Willebrand Factor Disorders - Clinical Conditions

Platelets and Megakaryocytes

  • Megakaryocytes and Thrombopoiesis

  • Platelet Function and Interactions

  • Platelet Proteomics and Genomics

  • Platelet Receptors

  • Platelet Signaling

Vascular Biology

  • Blood Cells and Vessel Wall

  • Endothelial Cell Signaling

  • Inflammation and Sepsis

  • Innate and Adaptive Immunity

  • Non-coding RNAs

  • Protease Activated Receptors

  • Stem Cells and Vascular Cell Growth

Venous Thromboembolism

  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome

  • Artificial Valves

  • Cancer Associated Thrombosis

  • Genetic Risk Factors of Thrombosis

  • Post-thrombotic Syndrome

  • Thrombophilia

  • Visceral Vein Thrombosis

  • VTE Diagnosis

  • VTE Epidemiology

  • VTE Prophylaxis

  • VTE Treatment

Women's Health

  • Estrogens and Progestinics

  • Pregnancy and Pregnancy Complications